View Full Version : Illinois Emissions Testing

May 2nd, 2010, 15:22
Here in Illinois, our cars are subject to testing annually. My car is a 1977 GP. It has a 1974 Pontiac 400 motor and exhaust (before Catalytic converters in '75). I also have a non-egr manifold and carb (M4MC quadrajet). The car did come with a Edelbrock Pontiac Performer manifold w/egr. Considering an Edelbrock #1406 non-egr carb.

Not sure what to do here in regards to what manifold to use and what carb to get (or do I keep the Q-Jet??). Do I really need the EGR system? If so, how is it hooked up (diagrams??). Want performance, but not sure what will be in line with testing here in Illinois.

May 8th, 2010, 07:45
Good questions, I'd say you have to research your state emission laws. I know here in N.Y. for 1980 on up they have to have cats for inspection, if Ill. bases your testing on your vin you may be in trouble already without a cat on the car. Some states have different laws for vintage/historic or special use vehicles. On the intake, if you're after performance then dump the EGR.