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1979 Pontiac Sunbird

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Here are pictures of my 1979 Sunbird, which my brother took at the Nutmeg Chapter Spring Pontiacs in the Park.  The car started out with automatic transmission, regular steering and regular brakes.  But when I became disabled and had to go to hand controls, we learned that the car had to have power steering and brakes.  Rock is a mechanical engineer with Pratt and Whitney, and a car guy with a restored show car he did himself (1979 Ford Futura with a Ford Shelby Cobra Mustang engine).  He had to have some parts custom-made by a specialist machinist, and used a Honda gear shift knob, a Jeep power steering bracket, and a Ford water pump pulley, hence the nickname "Pondeepord." 

The Sunbird has the hand control now, and I go tootling around town, where people are always stopping me to tell me, "My [relative] had a Sunbird," or "My first car was a Sunbird."  There are a lot of good Sunbird memories out there.

Note: the Sunbird is a family heirloom.  My Dad bought it in October 1978 as a brand-new car, for Mother.  While she had it, it lived in the garage a lot, so it turned 59K miles this weekend.  It has always been the daily driver. 

Charlotte Desilets




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2021 POCI Annual Convention ~ Uncasville, CT ~ July 11-15, 2021

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